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Glasgow Trolleybuses - Their Silent Death by John Walker

The Last tram ran along Glasgow's High Street just before midnight on the 19th February 1949. The following morning Glasgow's first trolleybuses were introduced on service 102, replacing the trams which ran from Polmadie to Riddrie. At first they were based at Govan, Denniestoun and Larkfield Garages, Operations from Larkfield transfered to Hampden garage on the 17th December 1950. Denniestoun Garage closed on 5th November 1960 and Govan Closed to the Trolleybus on the 1st October 1966 and the final service from Hampdon was taken off the road on the 27th May 1967.
The introduction of trolleybuses eased traffic congestion and High Street was one of the first thoroughfares to benefit from the lifting of tram tracks. At its peak, the city's trolleybus system had 195 vehicles, the highest of any city outside London. Despite being nicknamed "silent death" by Glasgwegians more accustomed to the clanking of trams, trolleybuses had a good safety record.
Sadly, despite their many advantages, trolleybuses failed to inspire the sort of affection Glaswegians felt for their trams. Very few tears were shed when the last vehicle on service 105 made its final run from Queen's Cross to Clarkston on the 27th May 1967.


Trolleybus TBS2 FYS 766
Trolleybus TBS2 FYS 766
Trolleybus TBS17 FYS 992
Trolleybus TBS17 FYS 992
Trolleybus TD26 FYS 760
Trolleybus TBS19 FYS 994
Trolleybus TB26 FYS 826
Trolleybus TB115 FYS 977
Trolleybus TB44 FYS 805
Trolleybus TB20 FYS 720
Trolleybus TG17 FYS 792
Trolleybus TB89 FYS 850
Trolleybus TG10 FYS 785
Trolleybus TG6 FYS 781
Trolleybus TB78 FYS 839
Trolleybus TB65 FYS 826
Trolleybus TB67 FYS 828
Trolleybus TG2 FYS 777