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Govan Depot


 The new car shed that has been erected on the south side of the Clyde for the Glasgow Corporation Tram­ways and was opened early in September, takes the place of an old horse-car shed which in 1901 was con­verted for the accommodation of electric cars. This old shed, however, had become much too small for the requirements of the growing traffic. An eminently suitable plot of ground for the new premises was, fortunately, available in the neighbourhood of the old shed, so that there was no inconvenience caused to the traffic arrangements or to the staff working in that district. The ground purchased for the new shed extends to 18,270 square yards, including streets. The net ground covered by the buildings and court­yard measures 0,416 square yards. The price paid was fourteen shillings per square yard.

Govan Depot from the street

In designing the buildings, considerable attention was paid to the offices, stores, workshop, kitchen, and other accommodation for the staff. On the ground floor of the administrative block there is, first of all, the general office measuring 35 ft. by 38 ft. 6 in.; next comes the entrance hall for the upper floor, also cloak-room, etc.    The men's billiard-room has accommodation for two tables, and measures 37 ft. by 26 ft. It may be stated that at all the depots the men provide themselves with billiard tables, the Corporation simply providing the premises.

Offices from the Yard

The kitchen measures 35 ft. by 24 ft.    In this room there is a hot-plate heated by gas, also two hot-water kettles, for the use of the night staff. Lavatory and water-closet accommodation is large, and is of ample dimensions for the whole staff. There are also two bath-rooms for the men's use. The whole of the walls are of white enamelled brick. The   fitters'   shop   and   foreman's   store   measures 34 ft. by 35 ft., and at the end of  the block is the cleaners' store, each man having a separate locker made of sheet-iron, with expanded metal door.

It was necessary to make the administrative block of two storeys, on account of the elevation to Harvey Street. On the upper floor is the recreation-room for the staff, which includes a concert hall, capable of accommodating 400 people, with all the necessary ante-rooms.

Depot Office

The car shed proper has accommodation for about 140 cars. It has an open steel roof, the main couples having 10 ft. centres carried on a lattice girder which runs the whole length of the car shed. The cleaners' gangways are carried on cast-iron columns which are set in a concrete floor. Between the car shed and the administrative block there is an open court measuring 80 ft. by 100 ft. The total cost of the car shed, in­cluding ground, amounts to £46,000.

For the description of the new depot and the accompanying photographs we are. indebted to Mr. J. Dalrymple, general manager of Glasgow Corporation Tramways.

Govan Depot Car Shed

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