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Glasgow Corporation Buses

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History 1924 -1973

Glasgow Corporation Transport's first motorbus service began on the 9th of December 1924, when the first service was inaugurated between Monteith Row and Maryhill London Midland Scottish Railway Station.

MUNICIPAL OMNIBUSES IN GLASGOW. February 1925 (Tramway and Railway World)

Glasgow has been for so long with respect to public street transport an exclusively tramway city that some surprise was expressed when the Town Council decided to inaugurate a service of motor omnibuses. In Glasgow, as elsewhere, however, tramway extensions in these days are a costly undertaking, and the Corporation have certain work to do that can as well be done by omnibuses; and therefore the need for economy in capital expenditure has led to a new departure. The existence of the service may possibly be looked on more as an accident than a long preconceived design. Hitherto the Corporation have provided tramways wherever required, and these occupy all the main thoroughfares as well as a good many secondary streets.     Some time ago, however, the Corporation took over the tramway undertaking in Coatbridge and Airdrie, which was run by a company. The tracks required to be recon­structed, and to provide passenger facilities while the work was going on the Town Council acquired a number of motor omnibuses, which were run in the Coatbridge and Airdrie district. When the reconstruction of the tramways was completed, and they became a part of the Glasgow system, the omnibuses were no longer required
there. Instead of disposing of them, it was decided to try them on a route where there are no tramways. This is an cast and west course, some five miles in length, along streets which for the most part are parallel with the River Clyde on the north side, and also parallel with the main thoroughfare of Argyll Street and its con­tinuations which lie a little farther north, and which carry a heavy tramway traffic. Farther west, the route leaves the dockland streets   and   strikes   northward   to   Maryhill.    Twelve   single-deck omnibuses are used, and a six-minute service is provided. The omnibuses are very similar in general external appearance, but there is great variety with respect to their chassis. The latter have been obtained from the following manufacturers Commercial Cars, Limited, Luton; Halley's Industrial Motors, Limited, Yoker, Glasgow;    Leyland Motors,  Limited, Leyland,  Lancashire;   Associated Equipment Company, Walthamstow (by Peric Motor Com­pany, Edinburgh); Tilling-Stevens Motors, Limited, Maidstone; Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company, Limited, Bristol; and J. I. Thornycroft and Company, Limited, Glasgow. Only in the case of Commercial Cars, Limited, are the bodies supplied by the builders of the chassis. In the other cases the bodies were fitted to the chassis in Glasgow by local body builders.



Fleet No1 Commer 40 HP 1924
Glasgow Corporation Transports
First Bus
Fleet No2 Commer 40 HP 1924

Fleet No51 Leyland TD1 1928
Glasgow Corporation Transport's
First Double Decker

Leyland Atlantean

The first Atlantean LA 1 was delivered to Ibrox garage and began working on the 15th December 1958 (LA 1 was in Newlands Garage for a short time in 1967 and I did a shift on it). LA 4 was the first of the Atlanteans that were known as "Glasgow Style Atlanteans" delivered in 1962 from then on it was almost non-stop deliveries till 1984 a total of 1,448. A full account of the Atlanteams can be found in Stuart Littles Book "British Systems Bus, Tram & Trollybuses Number 10 Glasgow Bues"

Leyland Atlantean LA1 Reg FYS 998
Preserved Glasgow Transport Museum
picture by Jim Thomson

LA1 Down and Almost Out
Preserved Glasgow Transport Museum
Leyland Atlantean LA1 Reg FYS 998
Preserved Glasgow Transport Museum
picture by Jim Thomson

The one that got away LA91 SGD 669 Went back to Leyland in April 1963 to demonstrate the Glasgow Style Bodywork
Leyland Atlantean LA320 Reg GYS896D
Preserved by

The Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust
LA91 SGD 669 on a promotional tour.
Was later exchanged for LA202
Leyland Atlantean LA 422 Fitted
For One Man Operation