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Book Review

Glasgow Trams Beyond the Boundary by Ian L Cormack.
Published by Scottish Tramway Museum Society 1967 Price 3/-

This 12 page book contains breif information on the tram services to the following areas BAILLIESTON (population 6,356 at 1961). BISHOPBRIGGS (population 11,530 at 1961). CLYDEBANK (population 49,651 at 1961). DALMUIR (population6,399 at 1961). CAMBUSLANG (population 18,868 at 1961). GIFFNOCK/ROUKEN GLEN (population 9,631 at 1961) THORNLIEBANK (population 4,566 at 1961). UDDINGSTON (population 5,317 at 1961). CLARKSTON (population Saturday, December 31, 2005 8,900 at 1961). BEARSDEN (population 17,022 at 1961). AUCHENSHUGGLE (population 17,123 at 1961). CARMYLE (population 3,215 at 1961. DUNTOCHER (population 3,054 at 1961). There is also an A3 Tramways System Diagram Showing Fare Station Numbers

More Glasgow by Tram by Ian Stewart
Published by Scottish Tramway Museum Society 1978.
(This Edition is the Third impression April 1979) Price 95p

On the same theme as its predecessor Glasgow by Tram, More Glasgow by Tram contains 48 pages and 83 B/W photographs. page 4 contains a map of the Tramway systems in Glasgow and Neighbourhood.

Round Glasgow by Tram by Ian Stewart
Published by Scottish Tramway Museum Society 1979. Price £1.10

The last of this series (I think) again 48 pages full of B/W photographs of trams and Glasgow street scenes.

Official Street and Transport Plan City of Glasgow Corporation Transport New Revised Edition
Published by M. Martin Frame, 2 Woodlands Trerace, Glasgow, C3 Price 2/-

Index to Streets, Transport plan of the citys motorbus, trolleybus and underground services.

A Nostalgic Look at Glasgow Trams Since 1950 by G H E Twidale and
R F Mack
First Published April 1988, Reprinted July 1988, reprinted May 1989 Price £4.95

This book contains 64 pages and 126 photographs, 4 that are in colour. On September 2 1962, Glasgow's last schedled trams ran on service 9, between Dalmuir West and Auchenshuggle, leaving only a handful of special duties which culminated in the Grand procession of September 4, when after 64 years of service, the city's electric trams departed into history. This book provides a look at Glasgow tramways since 1950, depicting not only the city centre routes, but also outlying services, such as those to Airdrie, Paisley, Rutherglen and Milngavie. The majority of the pictures are published for the first time to illustrate not just the trams, but also the city itself in the years before tower blocks and pedestrianisation.

Memories of Glasgow's Tramways 1927 - 1962 by John Barrie
Light Railway Transport League (London Branch) First Published 1971
(This Copy is signed by John Barrie) Price 30p

This booklet contans 24 pages and 15 B/W photographs and give an account of The System in 1927, Rolling Stock, Routes, Operation, The 1930's, New Trams and the Empire Exhibition, Route Numbering, The war Years, Early Post War Years, The Declining Years, The Final Years, Final and Concusion. Excellent account of personal experiences and memories.

Glasgow Corporation Transport Underground Section RULES AND REGULATIONS revised Edition 1961

This Book contains 172 pages and 6 photographs.and the regulations for every employee that was employed on the Underground System. Under the headings of General Rules, Accidents, Rules for Station Masters, general Rules for Drivers and Conductors, Rules for Ticket Collectors, Rule for Booking Clerks, Rules for the Engineering Department and P W Squads, Signals and Telephones and Air Brake Equipment.
Rule 47. Retention of female staff after marriage. At least 14 days before the date of marriage, Female Staff, getting married and wishing to be retained in the service of the department after marriage, must make written application to be retained, address to the Personnel Department. Not later than 14 days after marriage, Female Staff so retained must call at the Personnel Department with their marriage certificate.

Glasgow Tramscapes by Ian Stewart
published by Dianswell Publications 1984 Price £2.25

This book contains 48 pages, 86 B/W and 1 colour photographs. Trams and the city through the years

Glasgow Tramway and Railway Rolling Stock by John A N Emslie
Published by Scottish Tramway Museum Society 1958 Price 2/6d

This booklet contains 28 pages and 32 B/W photographs and is packed with information on Horse Cars, Tram Cars and the Underground stock.

British Tramways in Picture 2. GLASGOW by R J S Wiseman BA
Published by The Advertiser Press Limited First Edition 1965 Price ?

This book contains 36 pages and 58 B/W photographs. There are pages containing historical note, routes operated and rolling stock summary. Only tram numbers and in some instances dates accompany photographs.

British Tramways in Picture 2. GLASGOW by R J S Wiseman BA
Published by The Advertiser Press Limited 1977 Enlarged Third Edition Price ?

This enlarge third edition contains 48 pages and 60 B/W photographs. This edition goes into much more detail both in the written form and the captions under the photographs.

Glasgow Subway Scenes by Alistair Stirling & Stanley Leech
Published by A. Stirling 1977 Price 80p

This book contains 32 pages and 66 B/W photographs. The underground in Glasgow opened on 14 December 1896 and was hauled around the system by cable. In 1935 it was electrified by which time it was being run by Glasgow Corporation Transport. This book tries to capture the atmosphere of the system through the photographs taken in early 1977.

There is one photograph in this book that is special to Alice and myself that is on page 20 of Isa Clark, we both worked with Isa in the mid 60's when we were all conductors in Newlands Garage. Alice worked on the other side of the shift to me making it difficult for us to see each other, Isa was on the same shift pattern as me and she changed shifts with Alice.

Glasgow Trams The Twilight Years by Paul Anderson & W A C Smith
Published by Irwell Press 1998 price £7.95

This book contains 52 pages and 87 B/W photoghraphs, has 9 chapters, Recollections, The Glasgow Caurs, City Centre, West End, East End, North Side, South Side, Outer Reaches and Finale. Very informative with superb photographs

City of Glasgow Corporation Transport OFFICIAL TIME-TABLE
New Edition June 1966

This 93 page gem held the key to a easy day in the life of a bus conductor if understood by his or her driver, because this little publication has the time table for every bus that ran in the city. So read the book and get behind the one that was supposed to be in front. It also includes an all route fare stage section. Times of Buses, Trolley Buses and the Subway.

A Century of Glasgow Tramways by Ian L Cormack MA (To commemorate the Inauguration of Tramways in Glasgow, 19th August 1872) Published 1972 The Scottish Tramway Museum Society. Price 25p

This Book has 25 pages and starts off with a brief 5 page 100 year history there are 39 B/W photographs. A list of the 9 Tramway/Transport Manager 1872 - 1972 .The book ends with a list of "Corporation Tramways Services Post 1945"

The Last Tram by Charles A Oakley Written for Glasgow Corporation at the closing of the Tramways System 4th September 1962. Price 10s6d

One Hundred and twenty four pages twenty five chapters detailing the transport system in Glasgow fron the early 1800's through the begins of the the Corporation to the last days of the Tramcars. Well over 60 B/W photographs, drawings and plans. If you are interested in The Tramway System in Glasgow you must read this.

The Shooglies by George Lane.1990 Price £4.95

This booklet contains 56 pages of B/W photographs of old picture postcards of the early 1900’s. A very good cross-section of views of Glasgow's main streets and roads that drivers and buses use to this day.

Tramways of the Monklands By Ian L Cormack. 1964 Price7s 6d

The introduction tells us that the first title deed of the Monklands was the charter by which King Malcolm IV of Scotland gifted the Monks of Newbattle at Edinburgh Castle in 1160, the extensive territory now comprising the whole of the present-day parishes of Old and New Monklands (of which Coatbridge and Ardrie form part) the designation Monkland presering the name of the original owners.Seventy six pages and thirty one B/W photographs, five chapters: Proposed Tramways and the Struggle for Control, The Airdrie and Coatbridge Tramways Company, The Airdrie and Coatbridge Tramway Trust, Glasgow Corporation Tramways, The Aftermath.

British Bus Fleets 20 by Ian Allan 1963 Price 3s 0d

This seventy two page booklet is a complete guide to the Corporation bus fleet from its beginings till 1963 along with nunerous B/W photographs. It contains the following chapters. Municiple Transport in Glasgow, Fleet Numbering System, Body Type and Seating Capasities, Moter Bus Fleet List 1924 - 1946, Bus and Trolleybus Fleet List 1947 - 1963, Block Registration Numbers for G.C.T. Vehicles, Summary of Current Fleet, Bus and Trolleybus Garages and Works, Bus and Trolleybus Services, Night Bus Services, Tramway Conversion Programme, Tramcar Fleet List, Glasgow Tramcars Preserved, Underground Stations, Underground Railway Rolling Stock Fleet List and Abbreviations.

Glasgow Trolleybuses by Brian T Deans 1967 Price 6s 0d

This booklet contains fifty six pages and twenty six B/W photographs.Cover the period from 1937 till the end of the system in 1967. An excellent short histor of the Trolleybus in Glasgow. This booklet is not the complete story, see Glasgow Trolleybuses Supplement see below.
Glasgow Trolleybuses Supplement by Brian T Deans 1967 Price 3s 0d

This Suppliment starts at page fifty seven and completes the Trolleybus story which started in Glasgow Trolleybuses see above.

Glasgow's Trolleybuses by Brian T Deans 1972

30 page booklet, compliments the two Trolleybus publications above. Information on expansion and contraction of the trolleybuse services.

A Handbook of Glasgow Tramways by D L Thomson 1962 Price 7s 6d

This one hundred and eight page booklet is a conprehensive guide to the Tramways System, there is a photographic section in the centre. Information includes: General Information (Tram Stock),Underground Rolling Stock, Summarised Rolling Stock List Tramways (with car colour), List of Tramway Services as at 1924, List of Tramway Services in Numerical Order (second system numbering), List of Miscellaneous Service Alterations, Destination Screens,Fare Stages, List of Tramcar Depots and a page on the Underground.
City of Glasgow Corporation Transport Official Time - Table April 1973

This was probably the Last time-table printed for Glasgow Corporation Transport

The Borderlands of Glasgow by T C F Brotchie

This is an interesting read, journeys by tram discribed in great detail from the centre of the city to the Borderlands.

"Our City Trams confer no greater service on the community than that of being within easy reach the picturesque "Borderlands of Glasgow." There is much of interest in the Boarderlands, spots historical and beautiful and one may find pleasure and profit in seeking them out. Moreover, it is an inexpensive pleasure. A modest Twopence is the maximum fare to any terminus."

The Glasgow Tramcar by Ian G McM Stewart 1994 Price £16.95p

This one hundred and eighty four page book has probably everything you ever wanted to know about the Tramway System in Glasgow. Numerous B/W and colour photographs, diagrams and lists, in all twenty chapter of some of the best material I have come across. This publication has been discribed as the bible of the Glasgow Tramcar, read it and you can see why.
Glasgow's Trams The Glasgow Museum of Transport 1964 Price ?

This is a forty two page booklet full of facts figures and photographs throughout the Tram age.

Glasgow in the Tramway Age by Ronald W Brash 1975 Price ?

This book is from the series "Then and There" and is an account of Glasgow in the early 1900's. There are six chapters headed: Glasgow in 1914, Town Transport During the Ninteeth Century, The Men in George Square, A Sail Down the Clydeand The Festive Season.

Modern Tramway Vol 28

This booklet has an in depth account of the Glasgow Motor School, which includes seven B/W Photographs.

Transport Development in Glasgow Price 1s 0d

A publication produced by the Light Railway Transport League in the late 40's or early 50's to try and persuade the City of Glasgow to transform the Tramways system into a fast Rapid Transit System. Plenty of fact and figures on the cost of the existing Tram and Trolleybus Fleets.

The Glasgow Subway by David L Thomson and David E Sinclair 1964 Price 7s 6d

This book has eighty pages cramed full of ALL you need to know about the Glasgow Subway and more. Cable driven till the last trains ran on the 28th March 1935, the first electric service started on the 31 March 1935.

Circles Under The Clyde A history of the Glasgow Underground
By John Wright and Ian Maclean 1997 Price £15.95

I discribed "The Glasgow Subway" above as "ALL you need to know" well if you want more this is it. Between these two publications you will find everything there is to know about this World famous Glasgow Underground (Subway) System.

British Syatem Bus, Tram and Trolleybus Number 10 Glasgow Buses by Stuart Little 1990 Price £9.50

This is the book that will tell you most if not all you need to know about Glasgow Corporation Buses. Numerous B/W but mostly Colour photographs from the Commer No2 reg GB6901 through to the last of the Leyland Atlanteans.
The Twilight Years of the Glasgow Tram 1998
Featuring over 250 coloured views of slides mostly taken by Douglas McMillan, selected, prefaced and captioned by Alasdair Turnbull, with an introduction by Adam Gordon. Price £25.00

An expencive book you might say, but if you want to see excellent colour photographs of Glasgow Tramcars this has it. Most if not all of the 250 colour plates were taken by Douglas McMillan (the collection is now owned by Travel Lens Photographic Mr A Wilson see my Tramcar Pages) in the 1950's and 60's.

Streets of Glasgow by Alan Miller 2004 price £14.99

A superb colletion of tram, tolley and motorbus colour photographs in this 80 page hard back book. The descriptions of each photograph is highly detailed for instance "Glasgow Bridge on 9 November 1963, eight days before it become a southbound only thourghfare" goes on to discribe the two GCT buses in detail and concludes "It is also where Michael Jardine, lead charactor in television's Taggart for several years, met his end". One of the favouites in my collection, magic scenes of the city of Glasgow.

Glasgow Corporation Transport Motor Buses An Historical Survey 1969

From the beginings in 1924 with the introdution of the Commer 40 HP single decker with it's solid wheels to the L.A.'s of 1958 and back to the single decker with the "one-man operated" Leyland Panthers. Excellent collection of photographs in this publication.

Handbook of Glasgow Corporation Motorbuses 1924 - 1972 by Stuart Little 1972 price 65p

The public transport scene in Glasgow in the early 1900's was dominated by a highly successful and expanding tramway system operated by the Corporation and fast becoming world-renowned. Already, however, there were signs that the new technology in passanger transport in the shape of the motor omnibus, was about to intrude on the tramcar's domain. This booklet traces the development of Glasgow Corporation's motorbus service from its humble beginings in 9th of December 1924, when the first service was inaugurated between Monteith Row and Maryhill L.M.S. Station, to the comprehensive bus system which served the city in 1971.

Almost 50 Years...But Not Quite by Stuart Little 1974

This booklet is intended to place on record the Glasgow Corporation Transport motorbus fleet at the time of take over by the Greater Glasgow Passanger Transport Executive, and also to complete the history of the bus services and vehicles detailed in the pulication "A Handbook of Glasgow Corporation Transport Motorbuses" published in 1972.

Glasgow Bus Scene by Robert Grieves 1978 Price £1.80

This booklet take a nostagic look at the buses in and around Glasgow from the 1880's drawn by horse through to 1980 and the Leyland Atlanteans. It includes not only those buses operated by Glasgow Corporation Transport but also some of the many operators which linked the surrounding towns and villages with the city. 64 pages full of interesting B/W photographs and gives readers an impression of the development of the bus in the city.
Glasgow Subway Album Photographs by George Watson Published by Adam Gordon 2000 Price £10.00

A pictorial look at the Underground (Subway) taken before and during closier for modernisation. 63 pages full of colour photographs, clearly showing the delapidated state that the system had been allowed to fall into.

Green Goddesses Go East by Ian L Cormack 1st Reprint March 1965
Price 3s 6d

A brief history of the ex-Liverpool Trams in Glasgow 1953 to 1960. Twenty four pages with seventeen B/W photographs and a large pull out plan of the Liverpool Car.

Green Goddesses Go East by Ian L Cormack 2nd Reprint August 1976
Price 35p

Similar to the previous reprint though it has different B/W photographs

Official Street and Transport Plan City fo Glasgow Corporation Transport
Published by M. Martin Frame, 8 India St, Glasgow, C2 Price 1/6d

Gives information on Moterbus, Trollebus and Tram Terminals. The plan is specially folded so that it may be referred to without fully unfolding. The Index of Street Name can be referred to to find Transport Routes and exact location of any street

Memories of a Motorman by Ernest Acheson 1991 Price £3.50

The autobigraphy of an Irish transport worker in Glasgow, Newcastle and New York in 1900. Ernest Acheson moved to Glasgow in the 1890's from his home in Ireland and worked for Glasgow Corporation as a "strapper" in Copelawhill Stables cleaning horses, harnesses etc. There were 80 horse to each of 13 stables. This book gives a graphic account of life in the working areas of Glasgow at the time of electrification of the Tramways system.

Report of the General Manager 1951

Full report on the Transport Department at 1951. General Manager E R L Fitzpayne wrote this in his introduction in his report to the Transport Committee in August 1951.

Report of the General Manager 1955

Full report on the Transport Department at 1955. General Manager E R L Fitzpayne wrote this in his introduction in his report to the Transport Committee in 1954

Glasgow Corporation Tramways map of Glasgow 1922


Map of Glasgow and Neighbourhood showing The Glasgow Corporation Tramway System of 1922.

The map shows in detail

Glasgow Corporation Tramways in Operation
Glasgow Corporation Tramways Autherised
Glasgow Corporation Tramways (Subways Section)

The extended City boundary is shown by a Purple Line.


100 Years of Glasgow Transport by Brian M Longworth 1994 Price £1

100 years of Glasgow Transport from 1894 though to 1994, 14 B/W photographs a brief history through the years and a fleet list of Strathclyde Buses Ltd June 1994.

The Future of Glasgow's Tramways (A Fresh Approach to an Old Problem) by Light Railway Transport League 1958

This booklet has 29 page and a number of B/W photographs. It deals with the General Managers (GCT) Report of the 26th April 1957. On the report it states "We had always looked on Glasgow as one of the British tramway strongholds, but recent events have proved us wrong. We thought of the Transport Committee as supporters of the railed vehicle but we read such statements as "the main conclusion is that the 564 obsolete trams should be replaced by motor buses or trolleybuses as quickly as possible"...,..."one hesitated to recommend a complete conversion to diesel-fuelled buses"...and last but not least..."from a administration point of view the motor bus makes the managements task easier".. There follows a stratagy for using Articulated Tramcars using many continental systems as examples.

Was this statement the first nail in the trolleybuses coffin? ed

Paisley Trams & Buses by A W Brotchie & R L Grieves 1986
Price £4.50

Paisley Tramway was taken over by GCT on the 1st August 1923, this pulication details the history of the Paisley trams and buses from the 1880's through to the 1920's. There are is a large number of B/W photographs and a pull-out map showing Paisley Tramways Co Ltd (Horse Tramway 1885 - 1903) and Paisley District Tramways Company (Electric Tramway 1904 - 1923).

The City of Glasgow Pictorial History of the Tramcars


9 tiny black and white photos, nothin else.........................

Report of the General Manager 1956

Full report on the Transport Department at 1956.


More to Follow

Report of the General Manager 1957

Full report on the Transport Department at 1957.



More to Follow

Report of the General Manager 1958

Full report on the Transport Department at 1958.



More to Follow

Report of the General Manager 1959

Full report on the Transport Department at 1959.



More to Follow

Tickets of the Glasgow Underground by Brian Pask for The Transport Ticket Society 1971

This report has 31 pages with a number of photcopies of the various tickets used on the Glasgow Underground from the begining till 1970. A very useful reference manual.

The Wearing of the Green by William M Tollan 2000
Price £12

96 pages, GCT tramways through the eyes of the "GreenStaff" also includes a large number of colour and B/W photographs. Appendix 2 Extracts from GCT Traffic Circulars all worth a read..

Glasgow Corporation Transport Rules and Regulation for Depot and Garage Clerks Issued April 1933
Glasgow Corporation Transport Rules and Regulation for Trolleybus Section Revised Edition 1957
Glasgow Corporation Transport Road Vehicles StatutaryRules and Orders

Glasgow Corporation Transport Map of Bus Routes May 1938

Contains map of Bus, Tram and Underground routes along with time tables see below

1938 Glasgow Corporation Transport Bus Time Table

1938 Glasgow Corporation Transport Tram Time Table

1938 Glasgow Corporation Transport Underground Time Table

More Glasgow by Tram by Ian Stewart May 1977 Price 85p

48 pages full of B/W photographs of Glasgow street and Trams.



Glasgow Corporation Transport The Ominibus Society May 1986

84 pages that include 16 B/W photographs, comprehensive coverage of Glasgow Corporations Motorbus, Trolleybus and Service fleets.

Report of the General Manager 1949

Full report on the Transport Department at 1949.



More to Follow

Shooglies 2 by George Lane 1992 Price £5.40

This booklet contains 52 pages of B/W photographs of old picture postcards of the early 1900’s. As The Shooglies (see above) a very good cross-section of views of Glasgow's main streets and roads that drivers and buses use to this day.


Jubilee of the Glasgow Tramways 1872 - 1922

110 page contains a few B/W photographs and various account that were written over the 50 year period.

Motorbus Services Fare Tables 12th October 1969

Contains all bus services and the fare stages that were in operation at the above date.

Glasgow Trams 40 Years On by Ian Stewart (2002)
Price £9.95

Contains 48 pages, packed with information and a wide variety of tram picture and the landscape of Glasgow.

"The Glasgow tramway system was second in size only to London's but much more coherent and integrated. It was the last of the first generation of city systems in Great Britain to survive and, while it was on its knees at the end, due to reduced or, even, abandoned maintenance, it still commanded a tremendous affection from those it served for nine decades."

"This book attemps to show some of the reasonswhy this was so."

Ian Stewart


The Glasgow Horse Tramways
by Struan Jno. T. Robertson (2000) Price £8.95

72 pages on the Horse Tram System in Glasgow. This publication could be discribed as the difinitive work of the Glasgow Horse Tramways, read it and you can see why. 14 chapters from "The Begining to Motive Power".

The Wee Book of Glasgow Trams by Tom Noble
Price £5.99

96 pages containing 45 B/W pictures.

This book makes no attempt to be a history of the Glasgow tramcar. Instead, it is a reflection on how the tramcar has become a vehicle for nostalgia - an image associated with an era that has gone, a lifestyle that is but a memory and a cityscape that has vanished under concrete and tarmac. The pictures come from the extensive photographic archives of The Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times, held at their Glasgow offices. They have been selected to capture not only the chronology of the Glasgow trams but also the life and times of the people who worked on the cars and used them on a daily basis.
Tom Noble

Glasgow in the age of the Tram, 1950-62 by Brian Patton Price £16.99

More than 170 photographs of Glasgow and its suburbs during the last decade of tram operation in the city.
On 1 July 1894 Glasgow Corporation's new horse trams took to the streets of the city, replacing those of the former private operator, and thus was inaugurated 68 years of excellent service to citizensand visitors alike before the final abandonment in September 1962. Glaswegians took the trams to their hearts, and even now have not forgotten them, even though long superseded by the trolleybuses, municipal motor buses and today's private operators that replaced them. First published more than 10 years ago as Another Nostalgic Look at Glasgow Trams, this selection of photographs, most taken by the author, paints an evocative portrait of the city's streets, shopping areas and suburbs before the influence of private cars and motorways destroyed much of our urban environment.

Report of the General Manager 1950

Full report on the Transport Department at 1950.



More to Follow

Glasgow Tramway & Omnibus History

History of The Glasgow Tramway & Omnibus Company Limited 1894

From its foundation in 1871 till 1894. Issued to the shareholders under the authority of the companys board of directors.

see full text here

Bless Up 2010 by C. R. House
Price £5 from or and

This book is about the origin of a scientist, born into unprom­ising conditions in Glasgow. Raised by his divorced mother, the author witnessed her hardship and the appalling effects of multiple sclerosis on three family members. Set against those tragedies were the uplifting examples of generosity and humour of fellow Glaswegians. This account charts the course of the author's education at school and university. At school he under­went a dramatic shift from laziness to diligence, the spur being a drive to offset his mother's suffering from divorce. It was a shift that also shaped his academic future.
Running in parallel with the author's school and university education was a train of lowly jobs starting at the age of twelve. He learned valuable lessons about human nature as a dishwasher, barman and tram conductor. Indeed, the value of those lessons outdid and outlasted the academic benefits of his lectures at Glasgow University.
The theme of this book is that we are often stamped by the others we meet. And those "others" are usually unaware of the unending influence they create in our lives. Sometimes minor events lodge in our memory with their allied emotional tones bringing good or ill. Examples in this book illustrate the paradox that now and again the absence of someone, who should be in your life, has a more profound effect than the presence of most people in your daily life. And those absentees may be totally unaware of their significance.
The title and chapter headings come from the author's life in Grenada in the West Indies. Grenada, however, is not discussed in the book but its benign influence on the author is there be­tween the lines in his writing.